about us

We are Miami’s first and only Queer event to focus on live music. We wanted to create something for those of us who don’t fit “the norm”, what we created is more than just a party, it is a haven for the unique, an incubator for creativity and a home for self expression.

When you step into our world you are free from the shackles of normality, be anyone and anything you want to be, explore the world through different eyes and find yourself in the midst of the chaos.

Music is our passion. Punk, Rock & Metal are at the core of most of our bands. We relish in embracing the inner freak, we find beauty where other find ugliness.

Drag is our Soul, it allows for the metamorphoses of the individual and

Queer is our Core. We believe there is more to our rainbow than just 7 colors and we seek to embrace every part of the spectrum. There aren’t enough letters to represent us or enough genders to define us. We are more than just one thing, we are a blend of many.